DRAGONS de Veracruz is a corporation that was born joining years of experience of highly qualified personal in technical areas in the Nuclear Power Station Central Laguna Verde and others across in the United States, as well as the engineering application in several processes for a continuously improvement, oriented specifically to give solutions based on the client's needs, technological as well as financing.

According to this outline, we have established strategic alliances with highly performance international leaders in technology, systems, and product manufacturers worldwide. Reached knowledge and work forces have taken us to introduce better engineering solutions, using the best avant-garde technology in order to offer better values and benefits to our clients.

Our mission

Consolidate our client's competitiveness, as well as their technologies efficiency and effectiveness in the operation, designing, development, and implementing trustable, flexible and climbed systems, carrying out technological research and consultancy activities; offering the best relation cost-benefit through services, products and highly qualified professional and work relations, fulfilling permanently and resolutely with quality and excellence international standards in order to provide better solutions to our client's needs, and also having a great sense of responsibility in order to preserve the environment and the wealth being of our workers, by contributing in human resources trainings so we can help the country's industrial sector with highly qualified and certified staff.

Our vission

To become a leader corporation basing its technological methods, applied engineering, specialized work forces and a high security standard, in order to give solutions to our client's needs at the lowest cost and guaranteeing our collaborator's wealth being.