» Communications
» Flashlights
» Firearms
» Electrical Instruments
» Tool Tethers
» Accessories:
    • (Quick Connect / Side Release / Lanyards / General Purpose)
» Glass Keeper
» Tactical Holsters
» Military Gear Tethers
» Hunting Holsters
» Police Mic keeper
» Key and badge Retractors
» Pumps, valves, sensors, control equipment and accessories used in the nuclear propulsion systems for defense forces.
» Cable and Towed line array handling systems for defenses forces.
» Products for Safe and Effective Monitoring:
    • Electronics for radar target detection and tracking and radar video processing
    • Single board computers
    • Digital signal processing cards
    • Graphics display cards
    • Data recorders
    • Ethernet switches for the internetworking of on-board systems.
» Products to detect, track, classify and identify maritime and littoral targets:
    • Board computers
    • Data communication
    • Sensors
    • Graphics and video products to provide long-range surveillance and reconnaissance
» Supply of piping, fittings, accessories and connectors that comply with the following military Specs:
    •MIL-P-246911/1, MIL-P-24691/3, MIL-DTL-23226, MIL-T-1368C, MIL-DTL-23520, MIL-T-8606, MIL-DTL-23227, MIL-T-16420, MIL-T 6736, MIL-T-8504/8506, MIL-DTL-23520, MIL-T-24107, MIL-T-16286, MIL-T-8808, MIL-P-24338, MIL-T-20155.


» Support to programs and platforms for defense forces.
» Coating services for:
    • Aircraft / Aircraft carriers / Armored Tanks / Tactical clothing / Steel surfaces
» Electronic Technologies Support
» Embedded computing Services
» Assessment to design a tailored program for defense forces based in their own requirements and codes/standards involved.
» State-of-the-art electronics, including sensors and embedded computing products.
» Open systems architecture-based in-vehicle networking and computing solutions for the Ground Defense market
» Industrial cleaning:
    •Shipping cask / decks / propellers / Tanks / Machine rooms / Process Pipes / Freezing Warehouses.