Water and Gas Treatment Systems
» Chemical Addition
» Radio nuclides Removal
» Advanced Reversal Osmosis
» Filtration
    •Mechanical (Filter elements) / Ultrafiltration / Ion Exchange / Resin-Carbon / Solids Collection Filter (SCFTM)
» Drum dryer System
» Contaminated Groundwater Treatment
» Filling heads for Radwaste and dewatering Systems
» Process Control Instrumentation
» Fluid Sealing Products
» Spent Fuel Pool Products
» Fluid Leak Management
» Spill Containment
» Spill Response & Decontamination
» Fukushima Response Initiatives
» Specialty isotopes additives
» Process Automation
    •Sensors / Flow elements / Air – Pressure - Electrical operated valves
» Piping, hoses and interconnecting accessories (ASME-ANSI), requirements met:
    •ASME Section III, 10CFR50 Appendix B, N45.2, NQA-1, CAN3-Z299 Series.
    •Products: Pipe, Tubing, Fittings, Flanges, Plate, Beam, Sheet, Fasteners, Bar, Angle, Channel, Weld Rod, Forgings, Castings.
    •Material Grades: Carbon, Stainless, Chrome Moly, Nickel Alloys, Duplex, 6 Moly Alloys, Low Temperature, Special Metals, Copper, Titanium.
» Valves
    • Ball / Globe / Needle / Gate / Plug / Butterfly / Check

Solidification Systems / Solids Treatment Systems
» Decontamination Systems for Highly Radioactive Contaminated Buildings
» Custom design of long-reach tools for specific applications
» Containers:
    •Drums: Stainless-carbon Steel / B-25 Type Boxes / DrakontainersTM / Steel Containers and Custom-Built Pressure Vessels (ASME Code) / RadSafeTM Lined and High Integrity Containers (HICs) with Dewatering Internals: Steel-Polyethylene / HIC Container Handling and support systems. » Cranes:
    •Refueling Machine / Spent fuel Bridge / Fuel Transfer System / Cranes for operational Canadian (CANDU) and American (PWR and BWR) nuclear power plant
» Compactors Systems:
    •Drum compactor / Waste compactor
» Shielding:
    •Tungsten / Bismuth / Barium / Iron / Lead / Neutron Shielding materials
» Radiological Laundry
» LSA / SCO Wraps and Overpacks
» LLMW Flexible Packaging
» IP-1 and IP-2 Flexible Packaging

Another Generation Systems for Nuclear Environmental
» Diesel Generator Units Nuclear Grade
» Obsolescence Support
» Spare Parts
» Commissioning and Installing

Decommissioning and waste management solutions
» Plant physical & radiological inventory
» Preliminary studies and decommissioning strategy
» Project management
» Assessment and optimization of cost estimates
» Technical support for transition period
» Professional training
» Remote control robots/ drones and electronic operated devices on High Dose areas

» Plant Maintenance & Modifications
    •Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Construction
    •Engineering Support, calculations and drawings
» Outages, Shutdowns, & Turnarounds
» Extended Power Uprates (EPU) Projects
» Probabilistic Tisk Assessments, all modes and all hazards.
» Risk-Informed Applications: Risk-Informed/Performance-Based Design support
» Seismic and Structural Analysis including Fragilities
» Design and Analysis in Electrical and I&C, Mechanical, Structural, and Fire Protection Engineering
» Fire Hazards Analysis, Post-Fire Safe Shutdown and Fire Protection Program Development
» Operations, Maintenance, and Procedure Writing
» Assessment of Beyond Design Basis Events (BDBEs), including Aircraft Impact Analysis and Loss of Large Areas (LOLA) due to Fire and Explosion
» Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
» Human Factors Engineering and Human Reliability Analysis
» Transient and Accident Analyses – Severe Accident Mitigation Alternatives (SAMA) Analysis
» Emergency Response
» Training Program Development
» Quality Assurance
» Software and Operating Systems
» License Renewal Support
» New and Advanced Reactor Design Certification Application Support.
» Quality Assurance/Quality Control QA/QC Program Reviews, Audits, Surveillance, & Inspections
» Qualified and Certified examinations:
    •Reactor pressure vessels / Dissimilar metal welds / Piping / Valve diagnostics / Storage tanks / Steam generator / Bolting / Dryer / Heat exchangers / Turbines
» Nuclear Fuel Design, Performance & Reliability Assessments
» Nuclear Fuel Cycle Consulting
» Integrated Logistical Services
» Diving services
    •Inspection / Maintenance and repair / Construction and rehabilitation / Technical support services
» Protective Coatings & Linings
» Insulation
» Asbestos and Lead Abatement
» Valve Maintenance & Repairs