Water and Gas Treatment Systems
» Desalination plants
» Oil Spill
» Reverse Osmosis
» Stormwater Management
» Filtration (Resin/Carbon)

Solidification Systems / Solids Treatment Systems
» Spill Containment Berms
» Self-Standing Bulk Bags
» Railcar Liners
» Disposable Roll-off Liners
» Tarpaulins
» Compactors Systems:
    •Drum compactor / Waste compactor / Stainless Steel Food Grinder / Can Crusher
» Cranes:
    •Cranes for warehouses / loading docks / food industry / workshops / buildings

Construction / Demolition Machines
» Construction
» Tunneling
» Mining
» Supply of piping, fittings, accessories and connectors:
    •Chrome Alloy / Stainless / Carbon / Low Temp / Duplex / Nickel Alloy / Specialty Metals
» Hydro-demolition, scarified and Hydro-cut for surfaces.

Personal Protective Equipment
» Clothing
    •Anti-C clothing
    •Institutional Clothing
» Footwear
» Equipment & Accessories
    •Hand Protection
    •Eyes & Head Protection
    •Hearing Protection
    •Fall Protection
    •Respiratory Protection
    •Dosimetry and dose rate monitors
» Medical


» Sludge removal
» Industrial vacuum services
» Water blasting services
    •Hydro cleanings with high temperature and ultra-high pressure
» Line jetting services
» Specialized cleaning, sanitation and industrial cleaning services
» Dewatering services
» Tank removal and decommissioning for underground and above-ground storage tanks
» Sewer line maintenance and cleaning to help prevent potential water damage and expensive cleanup costs
» Plant cleanouts and closures
» Hazardous and special waste handling (package, transport and dispose of waste materials)
» Wet/dry vacuum applications tailored to your specific removal needs
» Abrasion/corrosion solution by applications of coatings for:
    •Heat exchangers, steam condensers, floor covering, stainless surfaces, protective clothing to avoid spill contamination.
» Maintenance to storage tanks
» Welding quality and high-standard services based on ASME Section IX