» Site investigation and remediation services, such as:
    •Environmental site assessments.
» Environmental compliance support:
    •Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure plans.
    •Facility Response plans.
    •Discharge Monitoring reports.
    •Hazardous Waste Management Plans and other support.
    •Pollution Prevention plans.
» Zero waste to landfill and waste minimization consulting.
» Current environmental permit reviews.
» Facility evaluation and annual routine reporting for EPA and state-mandated environmental and reporting requirements.
» Reduce:
    •Striving to find the optimum resolution to any environmental issue.
    •Turnkey solutions to manage the disposition of any waste stream.
    •Waste reduction and recycling opportunities across organization.
» Reuse:
    •Treat industrial and commercial wastewaters using a variety of approaches customized for each wastewater.
    •Acids and caustics are recovered and reused for future treatment of wastewater.
    •Clean oil products are recovered for off-site reuse or fuel blending.
» Recycle:
    •Recycling of many materials, the methods used recovering more source materials every year.
» Recover:
    •Generate clean and renewable base load electricity and/or steam from residential, commercial and industrial wastes.
» Sludge removal
» Wet and dry industrial vacuuming
» Water blasting
» Line jetting
» Dewatering
» Tank removal and decommissioning for both underground and above-ground storage tanks
» Sewer line maintenance and cleaning
» Plant cleanouts and closures
» Waste solutions for customers, including recycling and disposal options for both hazardous and nonhazardous waste.
» Response to environmental pollution emergencies.